Elijah Shelton

Graduate Student


Ph.D. Candidate- University of California Santa Barbara

2011: B.S. in Physics, Brown University

2007: Santa Barbara High School

BioE 2205
eshelton [at] ucsb [dot] edu

Research Interest(s): How is physical information encoded, extracted, and processed in living systems? How do living systems use this information to develop cooperative behaviors and/or form structure?

Image analysis tools for in situ stress measurements
Spatial and temporal characterizations of cell and tissue scale forces in developing zebrafish embryos

Former Project:
Algorithms for 3D reconstruction and analysis of volumetric confocal microscopy data; Decoupling of tissue and cell scale stresses in development


ME Departmental Summer Research Fellowship (May 2018);    

University of California Doctoral Scholars Fellowship (Sep 2016);

Mellichamp Chair Cluster in Systems Biology and Bioengineering Fellowship (2015); 

Santa Barbara Foundation Scholar(2012-2015 ); 

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2012-2015)